Thursday, March 18, 2010

Water Ionizers, Avoid Getting Scammed

In the last 6 Months we tested many of the Top name brand water ionizers . We tested 6 water ionizers in this case study and they were the ORP, Orion, Athena, Melody Enagic and Rejuvenator. What was tested:
· PH Levels
· Taste of water
· Cost
· Best bang for your buck

Everytime someone wants to buy a water ionizer they are always in a search for the same question. Their major concern is if the lesser expensive water ionizers are as good as the expensive brands. The good news is that our study shows that all water ionizers perform pretty much the same .All the ionizers did their task by changing PH levels as indicated on the LCD screen. All the water ionizers did a wonderful job in removing contaminants and odor in the drinking water. The ORP brand from ORP water ionizer has 4 filters before the PH process is created. The ORP water ionizer had the best tasting water out of the group.

Final Results:
The leader in these tests was the ORP Water ionizer. It may be the least expensive of the group but out did them with their QUAD pre filter process and they also included a faucet that can be used if needed. This water ionizer has a better bang for your buck!To start off they have free shipping to the USA and a exceptional lifetime warranty .ORP water ionizer ships worldwide as most ionizer companies do not offer worldwide shipping. Best of all is the price!It is just $799! When I saw this I thought it was to good to be true, but in fact it was true! It has the best warranty in the business with 3 good external pre filters that lasts over 3 years and 1 internal filter in the machine. With accessories, and a price tag of only $799, it is a no brainer!

Are water ionizers a deal?
you bet! Think of the medical bills, the misery that comes with illness and dying cells crying out for pure, and if you can save yourself from going to the hospital just one time it more than covers the cost! Plus your own water ionizer can save you the cost of bottled waters which are not good for your body or the environment and are all coming to you at a price.So, make the smart and economical choice and keep your cells happy, clean and well-nourished with alkaline ionized water.

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